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December 15-17, France


Discover, Embrace and Create. Connect is a partnership which powers current French initiatives and culminates in a three-day event which empowers the initiative and helps participants grow professionally and personally.


There are thousand different ways to be creative, from making a movie to launching a startup. Jewish culture is powerful and growing. Connect is a vibrant event for the young, professional, French-speaking Jewish community that allows participants to learn, exchange, network and grow personally and professionally within an artistic and energetic setting. Connect is an opportunity to be aware of everything that exists around you, and discover the different ways to celebrate Jewish identity in a cultural and fun way.


Mid-twenties and mid-thirties French speaking professionals from all over the world 

Philosophy and Values


  1. French-speaking and Jewish cultures mirror each other in many ways, from their drive to ask questions, to their creativity and resourcefulness, to their large diaspora populations. Judaism and French cultures have shaped our minds and our actions, therefor this dual identity of French-speaking Jew is all the more unique and valuable to reflect and act on.
  2. A long and dynamic history exists between Jews and the French, providing an opportunity to explore and underline the positive elements of this history between francophones from all over the world
  3. Learn, exchange and share. Find in ourselves the ressources to shape the francophone jewish world of tomorrow.

The Format


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The Team

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More Info

Connect is a French-speaking event. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to Paris, but buses will be provided from Paris to the hotel.