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Micro Grant Interview: Purim Festivity in Vienna

"We the Jewish students are the future and we create our own future." - Samy Schrott

This Purim we saw an uptick in micro-grant applications from people across Europe who all wanted to create a Purim experience in their own image. Purim is beloved by many and is one of the easiest and most fun Jewish holidays to program around. We’ve been closely following the Austrian Jewish Student Union (Jüdische österreichische HochschülerInnen) as they fight against voices of hate and discrimination and we were thrilled to receive multiple micro-grant applications from their board.

The first program we supported was a Purim Party. We did a rapid-fire Q & A with Samy Schrott (21), the general secretary of the Union, student of political science and board member of Hashomer Hatzair about their event. Reading time? 5 minutes tops and worth it to get a peek at a vibrant community!

Q. What was your key takeaway from the Program?

A. The key takeaway for me was that so many Jewish people from different backgrounds came together to celebrate and have a good time!

Q. What lead you to apply for a micro-grant?

A. When the board and I had our first meeting for the Purim party we realized we want to organize the biggest and craziest Purim party in Vienna. We had so many good ideas. To make that happen we needed some money so I had the idea to apply for a micro-grant.

Q. What surprised you about the planning process?

A. It surprised me that nearly everything happened as we planned and everyone was fully into it.

Q. What was your Jewish involvement in the past?

A. I grew up in the Jewish community of Vienna, I was involved from my birth on. From the age of 6, I have been a part of the youth movement, Hashomer Hatzair.

Q. What is your Jewish involvement now?

A. I am still active in Hashomer Hatzair as a board member and a board member of Jewish students union of Vienna.

Q. What excites you about the Jewish future?

A. That we the Jewish students are the future and we create our own future.

Q. What should people know about the Viennese Jewish Community?

A. That our community is on one hand very similar but within it also very diverse. We have so many people with different backgrounds but still, we are one strong community. Nearly everyone knows each other and likes each other.

Q. What’s next for you?

A. Currently, I am fully covered with work for the students union. We have a lot of projects for the future planned.

Junction micro grants are awarded to innovative, engaging young adult community projects and can range from $1000 to $5000.

If you have a new program idea such as a celebration of a Jewish holiday or a Jewish social event and want to make it happen, find out more here!

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