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Connecting the dots

We have a saying in Romanian: “pofta vine mâncând” – it translates to “appetite comes while eating”. All Romanian kids have surely heard this saying throughout their childhood when they didn’t want to eat their veggies…

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Micro Grant Interview: SHIUR

“I’ve been involved with Jewish life since the Friday evening I was born on, when my father and mother celebrated Shabbat around me in the hospital. Ever since then, Jewish tradition has been the frame through which I experience life, whether consciously or not.” – Micki Weinberg

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Micro Grant Interview: Spring Baomer UGEI

“The possibility of not feeling alone, and rather part of a bigger family: in the liquid society we are all living in, the certainty of Jewish roots I think (and hope) could guide us to succeeding in developing the best in us and reaching our goals.” – Carlotta Jarach

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