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Micro Grant Interview: Baltic Jewish Network

“Planning the event is always surprising. This year we had a huge flow of requests from participants, partner companies, who wished to make sessions at our event in order to present their business or areas of work during the weekend.” – Aleksandr and Ilja

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Micro Grant Interview: Seder in Vienna for Russian Speaking Jews

“I am excited that we can create our future together. It is very important, that such funds as Junction exist and support the developing of Jewish initiatives. It helps people to get back to their roots, to lead Jewish life, provide education for kids and adults, build Jewish families and spend quality time together as a community.” – Julia Tucinskaia

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Micro Grant Interview: Havdalah Family Project

“These past few years participating in various Congresses and events in Europe have opened my eyes and heart to brilliant projects and ideas coming from the most diverse backgrounds. So many young Jews are willing to develop new projects, to foster change and transform their communities…” – Luciana Pattin

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