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Micro Grant Interview: BASE Berlin

“It’s diverse, it’s complicated, and it’s global. Kol Yisrael Areivim zeh la’zeh – All Jewish people are responsible for one another. This means Jews in every country, no matter how big or small the Jewish community.” – Rebecca Blady

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Micro Grant Interview: Purim Masquerade

“I have always been involved in the Barcelona Jewish Community, sometimes I’ve been more active and others times I would have secondary roles. Yet, I’ve always felt the need to do something for the community that I grew up in.” – Dina Mouyal

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Partner Program Spotlight: EUJS Accelerator

“I want to see a Jewish community that has shifted from tolerating our diversity to celebrating it. I don’t want our community to be forced to come together through a fear of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism but to want to come together through positive intra-faith activities connecting us religiously and culturally.”, Lauren Keiles

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Micro Grant Interview: Mira Niculescu from Paris, France

“My key takeaways have been so much fun, energy, and inspiration. I leave with the gratitude of the people who leave programs with big smiles on their faces and thank us for giving them an entry door to Judaism, and a new community where they feel home, to me, this is priceless.”

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