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November 11-13, Vienna

Simplifying Complexity. Jewishly.


The world today is full of noise. We are often bombarded with so much information, so many resources, so many approaches to so many problems, that we find ourselves drowning.

Con.Junction is all about finding the simplicity, relevance, and authenticity in a world filled with 21st century noise. Through innovative platforms for professional development and networking through a Jewish lens, Con.Junction provides an opportunity for individuals to grow professionally, personally, and Jewishly.


Con.Junction will provide three professional tracks, each addressing ‘the basics’ of professional and personal development from a fresh, modern, and straight-forward approach. Each track includes a variety of disciplinary approaches, from artistic, to technical, to psychological, that will allow participants to expand their perspectives.

  1. Professional enrichment: This track, designed for established professionals looking for the next step – such as improving themselves in their fields, expanding their business, or launching a new initiative – will provide opportunities to delve deeper into essential practical skills.
    1. The Building Blocks: Creativity, Innovation, Expanding, Networking, Multiculturalism in the workplace: inclusivity, diversity
  2. Professional guidance: This track will help participants better navigate and elevate themselves within the professional environments they inhabit. It is designed for people who want to nurture and refine their existing interests and visions.
    1. The Building Blocks: Thinking, Envisioning, mentoring/managing, coaching, working with others, balancing work/life
  3. Belonging and identifying: Understanding what communities we belong to, including how we fit within the Jewish world, and understanding how we can utilize our identities in a professional context is essential to finding and staying in the right career. This track is designed for participants at the start or crossroads of their careers, who want to reevaluate what they want and how to get it.
    1. The Building Blocks: Choosing a career, changing and finding jobs, understanding yourself and your skills, who are you and what do you want, being a Jewish professional, managing ambition


You should come to Con.Junction if you:

  • Want to challenge yourself to be better – whatever that means to you
  • Want to meet and learn from young Jewish professionals from all over Europe
  • Are curious about diverse ways to be Jewish

What you will find at Con.Junction:

  • Like-minded individuals from diverse range of fields who can help enhance your professional path
  • Innovative platforms that will open you to new perspectives
  • Unique international networking experience, where geography and age are irrelevant
  • Tangible tools that will help you boost your career

The Name

A conjunction is a part of speech that connects words, sentences and phrases. They are simple, straightforward words, but essential to understanding the meaning of any sentence.

In this way, each of us is a connector, a small yet essential part of a large network and Jewish world.


The conference will take place November 11 to 13 in Vienna, Austria. Hotel details will be released to registered participants before the event. The participation fee is 250 euro, and covers the hotel stay, food, and program. Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements.