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December 15-17, France

Connect is a partnership which powers current French initiatives and culminates in a three-day event which empowers the initiative and helps participants grow professionally and personally.

Hanukkah Revolución 2017 powered by Connect

For the 4th edition of “Hanukka Revolución”, the European initiative Junction joins JewSalsa through the Partnership Connect to make you live the Festival of Lights as you have never lived it before.


From the making of a web-series to the composition of a melody through the writing of a sketch, the cultural ways of bringing young Jewish people together and strengthening their community engagement and connection to their Jewish identity is diverse. Hanukkah Revolución is an event dedicated to young Jewish French-speaking people. It intends to empower them to push their ideas forward and take an active role in building the Jewish world of tomorrow by leveraging the power of music and art. The whole event has been designed to give the opportunity to the participants to embrace Judaism by celebrating Hanukkah in music, discovering inspiring artists and people who can make a difference in their path, creating and developing innovative ideas by learning from successful entrepreneurs in a dynamic and artistic atmosphere.


Mid-twenties and mid-thirties French speaking professionals from all over the world 

Philosophy and Values

Music and art have always been a powerful way to make people feel connected to each other regardless of their differences. They require a sense of creativity and a need for connection that represents the wonderful assets to celebrate Judaism, reinvent the Jewish experience in a way that is consistent with how young Jewish people live their Jewish identity today and build a Jewish community that is open and connected to the rest of the world.

The Format

The 3-day event will be based around three different groups of activities: embrace, create and discover.

The Team

The team is made of 15 international volunteers sensitive to art and music.   They work in various fields ranging from the Political Sciences to anthropology through the English teaching. Every one of them will give their personal touch to the celebration of Jewish traditions and set-up everything needed to ensure unforgettable and cheerful moments.

More Info

Connect is a French-speaking event. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to Paris, but a bus service will be provided from Paris to the hotel.