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Global CO:LAB 2019

9th-16th September 2019, Bosnia & Croatia

A unique opportunity for young leaders from all around the world to take part in an insider trip done in collaboration between JDC Entwine and Junction on this year’s Global CO:LAB to the Balkans.

You asked and we listened

After the feedback from participants at previous CO:LABs, we are changing the format and we are doing a week-long insider trip together. Europeans, North Americans, one bus from beginning to the end.


A collaboration between JDC Entwine and Junction, the Global CO:LAB will bring together young leaders and change-makers from across the globe to:
-Explore key trends, challenges, and opportunities facing global Jewish communities
-Lead conversations on global Jewish responsibility for our generation
-Celebrate a unique, pluralistic Shabbat together
-Join a global network of young Jewish leaders


European young professionals (early 20s to mid-30s) who have been to a Junction program or partner program and are interested in Cross-cultural sharing.

North Americans who are interested should go through JDC Entwine on Inside Jewish Bosnia & Croatia.


The participation fee for the one-week long trip is 150 USD. Flights or Trains at the beginning and end of the trip are at the participant’s expense. All transportation on the ground is covered by JDC. This participation fee is highly subsidized, the actual cost of an Insider Trip is estimated at $4,500/person.

Trip Highlights

-Hike to the crystal clear waters of Croatia’s famous Plitvice Lakes National Park
-Gain insight into current challenges facing the Jewish communities in Bosnia and Croatia while exploring issues of women’s health, poverty relief, Jewish renewal, and leadership development in Bosnia and Croatia
-Learn about JDC’s historic role in rescuing Jews during the Bosnian War
-Travel with young professionals from around Europe and North America and understand the various Jewish narratives that have developed over the past 50 years in Europe
-Indulge in Bosnian and Croatian café culture, sightseeing, outdoor markets, and natural beauty