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Junction Annual

5-8 December 2019, Athens

This year's theme: CHANGE. Blast, Reboot, Disrupt and Preserve


“Change is the only constant in life.” Although the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus are almost 2500 years old, today they are more relevant than ever. The world is evolving relentlessly and everyday we need to make the decision on how to respond. Everyday we become more modern than the previous one and that impacts our personal, professional life, in society and in the Jewish community too. This year during Junction Annual we invite you to experience a diversity of conversations, to learn, what is constant and what changes and begin to understand what we misunderstand.


This year we have extended the time of our gathering, adding an extra night, so we can focus more on our conversations and complete the experience. Athens the birthplace of democracy, the cradle of western civilization and the heart of ancient philosophy is a perfect spot for us young adults of Jewish Europe to delve deeper in this year’s theme. Throughout the 3 days we will talk about the different aspects and a possible journey of change in 4 angles: blast, reboot, disrupt and PRESERVE.


During the gathering we are combining the elements from our previous Junction events: from conversations in smaller and larger groups to well-known speakers we are offering a wide variety of session to all of our participants. You will have the chance to get to know people alike and different from you, and with an open mind be changed.


We are inviting Jewish young adults and young professionals in their 20s and 30s who are motivated, open-minded, cosmopolitan, and willing to share of themselves. If you received a Junction grant in the past or participated in an event related to Junction, or just want to have a conversation about our changing world we are more than happy to welcome you.

Do you want to do even more?

This year we are piloting a more active volunteer team for Junction Annual. We want YOU to be involved from the beginning, being the creative minds behind the vision and then helping with the execution. If selected we will cover half of the participation cost, flight to and from Athens AND an extra day and night of food and accommodation. We will be meeting December 4th-5th in Athens on site as a volunteer team which will be a mixture of hard work and lots of fun bonding. We’re looking for people who truly believe that the more you give the more you receive and who want to get in on the ground floor of the planning process with the idea of bringing certain models and methodologies back to their local communities. Sound like you? Apply here!

Apply and Details


Participation fee is 150 USD.

Early bird participation fee: 100 USD/apply and pay the fee until 6th October.

The fee includes the accommodation from Thursday to Sunday, all the meals and programming. If you wish to come from Friday, the participation fee remains the same.

Deadline for application is 15th November. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, limited spots are available.

Some components of the program may not be Shabbat compatible.

We will be extending the possibility to get closely involved in the organisation of the Annual. If you are willing to give your time, hand and mind become part of the volunteering team. Only 15 places reserved, and applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. More details are coming soon!

*Subsidies are available upon application and approval please be in touch with junction@jdc.org to request.