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October 11-13, 2015, Barcelona

OpportUNITY was a three day professional and personal development conference that took place in Barcelona, Spain in October 2015, as a collaboration between Junction, the Schusterman Family Foundation (as part of the YESOD collaboration among Schusterman, JDC and the Rothschild Foundation), and the ROI Community (as part of its Connection Point initiative).


Participants of OpportUNITY were specially paired with members of the Junction network who had been trained in coaching. Together, they had the chance to discuss their goals, hopes and dreams. Participants also were able to attend sessions and panels about personal development and Jewish community.

Read more about OpportUNITY here.

"OpportUNITY provided a space for young people to explore their goals, aspirations, and skill sets, and evaluate where these fit into to their individual professional journeys"

-Natalie Assa, Sofia, Bulgaria