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Junction Regional Grants



We’ve identified three key regions which we want to invest more heavily in because we want to enable young Jews in densely-populated Jewish areas to build Jewish life in their own image for their specific communities and region.

These are regions which we have piloted programming for in the past and are now looking to see as a result of the programs what comes next and what can be created by the different organizations in the region.



An idea for a project/program that has a regional scope, previous projects can be found on the blog for inspiration but we encourage you to come up with something that is relevant and meaningful for your community.

It should address a need in your community and should strengthen your community. Your project should be something that will make a significant impact on your community in a lasting way.



Age: 22-40


German Speaking (Switzerland, Austria, Germany)

French Speaking (Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France)

Balkan Region (Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria)

Baltic Region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)


You will be required to have at least one in-person planning meeting with your team and a Junction representative, Junction can offer a part of the program as you see fit, and act as a mentor/consultant to the project throughout.

Application for this grant is contingent on the fact that you’re linked to an existing organization that can receive a grant, this can be your own registered organization or you can go through your local community and ask them to be guarantors.



Up to 10,000 USD.

We are open to conversations about matching, other sponsorship, and scaling.