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July 13-16, Szarvas, Hungary

Rescape is an innovative new seminar that brought together young people with big ideas and a drive to make them happen in their Jewish communities.

What is Rescape?

Born from the vision that we have the power to influence, reshape, and drive the landscape of our communities, Rescape is a unique event modeled after a short-term start-up accelerator.

Using a range of methodologies, our trainers and speakers helped participants develop their ideas into a concrete action plan.

Participants spent these four days designing, innovating, problem-solving, and challenging each other. After participating in the seminar, all participants now have the opportunity to apply for micro-grants to launch their projects and programs.

Who are Rescapers?

Rescapers are innovators and visionaries. We wanted participants to push the envelope, and to move beyond standard methods of community-building.

Applicants (ages 22-35) applied for Rescape with a formulated idea for a Jewish project or program that they intend on carrying out. They applied with partners or small groups that will work together throughout the seminar, then afterward to make their programs happen.

Cost:55 USD (please email junction@jdc.org for subsidy requests)

Programming will go until mid-afternoon Sunday. Accommodations will be provided if you need to fly out Monday.

What are Rescape ideas?

Rescape ideas are BIG. They could be anything from a Jewish gathering or event to a long-term project. We want Rescape participants to be creative, to bring an idea that they are passionate about and that they are driven to make happen.

Read more about Rescape here.


"Rescape helped me move the project from the idea that I believe it's possible to achieve to the actual concrete plan. It helped me create timeline and budget plan, and I validated the idea. I think my project has a big social value for my community and that's certainly one of my strongest motivations"

-Ivona Gacevic, Belgrade, Serbia