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The Junction Annual 2018: PLURALITY

25-27 May, Milan

The Junction Annual 2018 is about PLURALITY - about us being "more than one", but all acting as one.

We are looking to gather those Jews from all over Europe and the globe that are:

1. Intrigued about their plural living.

2. Driven by the fact that it's awesome to be different and have diverse opinions.

3. Interested in somehow connecting to a larger whole.

4. Enthusiastic about the idea of creating a network of accountable partners with a long term commitment to one another.

We plan to see what different iterations of Judaism can look like, discover Judaism's relevance in modern life and get exposed to radically new and diverse ideas from Jews from around the world.

Our main priorities are to create a space where people can exchange and create relationships among themselves, thus generate some kind of a change - be it on a personal or communal level.

Behind each idea there is a space of conversation and engagement, a flow of creation and an implementation strategy - and that is exactly all that The Junction Annual is.

It is up to us to constantly rediscover and redefine what our role is as Jews, professionals, and global citizens.

Junction will provide the platform for every interested person to shape themselves and the space around them into something dynamic and modern for the global Jewish community.

Professionals in their mid-20s and 30s who are Jewish, motivated, open-minded, cosmopolitan, and willing to share about themselves.

Not individualistic, catalysts or catalys-wanna-be, willing to explore the whole community and it's past experiences.

The Junction Annual will be a conference combining all the elements of well-recognized Junction programs as well as begin a new chapter for the Junction calendar. The Junction Annual is a yearly conference that is a resource, seminar, and inspiration to those in attendance and the communities they represent.

Participation fee: §§§§§§

*Subsidies are available upon application and approval please be in touch with junction@jdc.org to request

§§§§§§ euro for local residents who do not require accommodations

Includes: programming, accommodation, and food

Deadline for application: §§§§§§§

Some components of the program may not be Shabbat compatible