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The Junction Annual

25th-27th May 2018, Milan

Have you ever had that feeling that you are a part of something bigger? Part of a mechanism, or a network of some kind, a system, or a piece of “a whole” that you can’t really explain?

If that’s the case, then you’ve arrived to the right place! Junction Annual 2018 is just about that - PLURALITY - about us being "more than one", but all acting as one. Be ready to generate growth and receive growth!


Participation fee: 150 euro.

Early Bird Participation fee: 100 euro / apply before April 2nd 2018.

*Subsidies are available upon application and approval please be in touch with junction@jdc.org to request

Volunteer opportunities are available upon inquiry

Includes: programming, accommodation, and food.

Deadline for application: May 10th 2018.

Some components of the program may not be Shabbat compatible

Got your expectations high enough already?